What would Vienna be without Viennese Waltz?

Get to know Vienna at its dance side know: Viennese waltzes, polkas, quadrilles & Co. The dance school Chris offers year-round and daily opportunity to learn one of the most famous dances or perfecting.

  • daily 9-22 clock
  • to book at short notice and individually
  • professional dance teacher
  • programs for tourists in foreign languages

Your Viennese dance lesson

Year-round, daily from 9-22 clock. Spend one or more dance lessons with our dance teacher. We show you how it works, and help you improve your dancing skills under professional guidance. Only with reservation in advance!

60 min dance classes, 1 pair ((includes 1 glass of sparkling wine)
€ 54,- / Pair

60 min dance classes, from 2 pairs (including 1 glass of sparkling wine)
€ 47,- / Pair

Vienna Special Workshop (10 Pax)

Here the traditional dances are on the program: Viennese waltz, polka, folk dance, ballroom. We welcome you with a glass of champagne and bring you the Viennese dance culture a little closer.

Reservation required!

60 min (including 1 glass of sparkling wine / optionally available with dance show)
€ 18,- / person

Viennese dance snack (from 10 pax)

Spend your holiday party with an unforgettable and impressive dance lesson and let the ending enjoy a traditional Viennese snack. At the end all participants receive a diploma Viennese waltz as a reminder.

60 min dance classes, dance snack (optionally available with dance show)
€ 28,- / person

Viennese Waltz Show

Our professional dance pairs will present a dance show at the request of a special kind, Viennese waltzes, polkas & Co. 5 - 10 minutes, stirring music, great costumes

Price: € 190,-

Viennese waltz on Tour

You have little time? You are in sightseeing stress? No problem, we also love to come to your hotel or to the ship teach, or your local group and also bring you with interest our professional couples for a Viennese waltz with show. (Please note that prices are no equipment such as stereo, microphone, dance floor include ...)

60 Min dance classes, 1 pair
€ 97.- / pair*

60 Min dance classes, from 2 pairs
€ 85.- / pair*

60 Min dance classes, 10 or more
€ 33.- / person*


Visit our dance school and your swing dancing at our 5 o ‘clock tea or perfections. Daily.

Mon – Fri, 17:00 – 18:00 clock 
€ 3.- / person

Mon, Wed, Fri 20:00 – 22:00 clock
€ 5.- / person

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Viennese Waltz

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